X Factor Slot Symbols


The Symbols that are collected along the way all add to the prizes. Obviously the more symbols collected at one time, the more than can be won by the player. The symbols in the game that have significance include the likes of judges, boot camp and stars.

Judges – These appear in the bonus round. During the bonus round, once the player has got one judge symbol, they will need to get a “Yes”. If this is the case, then this will allow them to move on in the game, in the hope of winning more. Remember – this will also double their current bonus. Obviously the ultimate aim here is to get three judges on board in possible, doubling the bonuses along the way.

Boot Camp – Throughout the game play, players will be able to collect the boot camp symbols. These allow the player to qualify to the next stage, which ultimately leads to more prizes. The aim here is to collect three boot camp symbols. Once this happens they will get onto the boot camp bonus round with the chance to win even more money!

Stars – This is the final significant symbol of the game. The stars are collected during the boot camp bonus round, so without reaching there, stars can not be achieved. The aim for all the players is to try and reach ten stars. If this goal is achieved then the player will reach the ultimate prize – free spins! This is a chance for players to rack up the cash with no stake, so is an extremely exciting part of the game!

X Factor Slot

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